Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stempunk Necklace

Stempunk a fictional era that takes takes place during the British Victorian-Edwardian period – the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Sometimes there’s also a twist of 1800’s American Wild West theme thrown in.
Steampunk jewelry, fashions, and literature combine the best and most stylish elements of that period in history, and add a creative dose of science fiction / fantasy fun. It is a fascinating style to work with. It combines vintage, hardware, imagination, gadgetry, and science fiction. In my designs I try to avoid as  much us possible now made supplies, the main elements are found in the thrift shops and antique markets.
gunadesign guna andersone Stempunk Necklace


Sunday, September 20, 2015

New window sill for our livingroom

We had this white plastic beauty already 14 years and it is time to have some changes. It definitely did not fit in our new interior. So, we had some wood left and we used it to make a new window sill. The drift wood decorations I collected at the Baltic sea during my vacation, but candle holders are present from Finland. Still some small things and our living room will be finished.

gunadesign guna andersone window sill

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Name for our house- Mežvidi

During this vacation we continued to search for lost Latvia. Latvian country landscape is still characterized by the historical model of the Latvian household, the individual farmstead. Latvians love their neighbors, but their house should be located enough far not see or hear them. Unfortunatly there are many abandoned country dwellings in the Latvian countryside - the silent and fading witnesses of the vanished life. Their inhabitants went to look for a better life somewhere else. We found this deserted house, actually more walls as a house, in the middle of forest. 

                                               gunadesign guna andersone abounded house

The nature was taking it over. On the one of the walls I saw the name board "Mežvidi"  (the middle of the forest). Latvians give the names to their houses in the countryside. It was  really rusty and letters already almost despaired, but still I felt in love with it  immediately. So we decided to take it with us. I did not  cleaned the rust from it, but only use the whitewash technique to make the name more clear and now it is on the wall in our living room.

So it looked before the restoration

                                     gunadesign guna andersone house name board restoration
So it looks  now. The old padlock we found in the grass. To keep the everything in style, we also collected old rusty nails. We took them out from the old boards. It is not only recycling, but in this way we will protect somebody by stepping on them. I know how painful it is and it resulted for me a few visits to the hospital. It happened a long time ago, but I still remember the pain.


Its second life in our living room. The two images on the wall Mario bought with idea to  put there our photos, but I disagree. I love these old charcoal drawings. Now idea who were these people and how was their life, but I love them. 

The image of old car is a present from my American photography friend Tiffany Dawn Smith

Monday, September 7, 2015

Original toilet paper holder (Estonia)

During my great vacation in Estonia, I found this great idea for a toilet paper holder in the guest house located in the very nice reconstructed Estonian farm on the island of Saaremaa