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Little lady’s Little Black Dress (Spain-Belarus)

Symphony of Siberian primitivism and West European urban style (Germany-Russia)

Earrings Purple Snowflakes

Don’t waste wine corks: Candle Holder

Industrial Friendships Bracelets.

Winter Bracelet "Warm Sweater day "

Ukrainian flower wreath

Gunadesign DIY Celtic quaternary knot

Earrings: Celtic Pearl Cage

Autumn 2012 Bags ( Austria)

Natural Christmas (Lithuania)

Nothing shouts fall chic like a crochet scarf (Cyprus)

Kitty Cat Pinky

Bracelet the Games of Throne: Cat

Undiscovered beauty : Ukraine

the Fabulous Fifties (the UK)

Gunadesign DIY Pendant Grape

Pendant Graps

Pendant Celtic Cross

Dress to a little princess (Italy)

Gunadesign DIY Earrings Symphony of Sea

Second opinion

Bracelet Mother Earth

Yanhuatang tailor made garment (China)

Gunadesign Celtic Knot Earrings: Melancholic Valse

Mastura Mustaffa jewelry (Malaysia)

Project “Pimp a champagne bottle “

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