Industrial Friendships Bracelets.

I was asked to make some jewelry from rubber rings. At the first moment my reaction was no way: rubber and fashion and jewelry does not fit together. But still, I decided to do some research o n this topic. It is amazing what you can do with rubber.
Today people like to look stylish, even when it rains. Rain coats have come a long way from functional ugly garment to today’s fashionable coat in all possible colors. They either have a zipper or buttons at the front of the coat. Rubber raincoats will help keep you dry even on the rainiest days. Of course, rubber boots protect our feet when it rains, but lately they are a real must to have fashion articles. Today’s feminine and unique rain boots are far from our old-fashioned dark green or black boots, in bright girly shades, high and wedge heels, and fun details.

There numerous jewelry designers who incorporate nontraditional materials in their designs. Rubber in fine jewelry combined with precious materials, recycled rubber in as answer to the rising costs of gold and silver and the declining incomes.  My short research opened me a new world and this is my creation of a modern industrial chic friendships bracelets.


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