Bracelet Mother Earth

For long time in my draw lay broken bracelet made from the Baltic Sea amber. This bracelet I inherited from my mother. I remember she was wearing it only on the special occasions. My mom inherited it from her mother, my granny. If I look old pictures from twenties-thirties, I see my granny with this bracelet. She was really elegant and fashionable hard working lady who took care for my mother during the war and managed to create a safe house for us even during the dark soviet period in Latvia. It doesn't meter what power was in Latvia, she stayed a lady . I suppose we inherited from her love for nice things and not to be afraid from hard work. I created this bracelet to honor their memory. The Baltic Sea amber is encircled with seed beads in color or the earth: the Latvian national colors.


  1. Can I buy this bracelet?

  2. Hello,
    I am afraid not, this bracelet has some very special emotional value, but I can make another one. Drop me e mail about colors, design and I can make a proposal.



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