Undiscovered beauty : Ukraine

Ukraine  is one of destinations to visit, especially if you are already tide of good organized trips in Western Europe, exotic destinations in Asia. Ukraine is big, diverse and largely undiscovered. It is one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers, a poor nation rich in color-splashed tradition, warmhearted people and off-the-map travel experiences. This time, my story will not be about my great week in Kiev with Lena and Leona, but about Ukrainian crafts. Craft art is very developed in Ukraine - old traditions positive energy easy spirit and lovelies masters. It is famous with its beaded necklaces, pysanky (writing Eggs), and embroidery. Please welcome to explore crafting in Ukraine. I would like to show a different beautiful and original handmade jewelry from Kiev. Behind this wire jewelry stays Ekaterina . She creates beautiful jewelry for strong women who know who she is and what she would like to achieve. It is her lifestyle.

Have a look and discover different Ukraine



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