The Zulu Love Bean (South Africa)

The Zulu Love Bean, as a treasured African keepsake or gift, symbolizes the potential in all grow through love, luck and happiness and to pass it on to others. The Love Bean is dispersed by ocean currents, often travelling 1000’s of kilometers to find new suitable habitats. The tough outer shell endures the salt water and stormy seas until it reaches fertile soil. It is a matter of luck and fortune if a bean survives to take root and grow.

Belinda Beckley, the original Love Bean Queen of Africa, runs this small community driven business from home where all finished products are lovingly hand made by a team of dedicated ladies from Khayamandi. Know that with your purchase, the Zulu Love Bean,  you will support not only local traditions, but also amazing woman, who found a way to solve her financial problems and to support and to give financial independence to the local ladies.
Here you can read the full story about Belinda and the love beans.


  1. Beautiful. You mention that these are handcrafted, does that mean that they are not available at wholesale jewellery prices? Would love it if they were. Thanks!

    1. Hello Hailey,
      I also love them, I got one from my friend as a keychain. Sorry, I can't answer your quetion, but you can visit their website or page on Facebook to get a contact information.


    2. Great! That helps. Thanks so much!


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