Playing with Fire : Kate Richbourg torch basics class

As majority of jewelry makers I started my trip into this beautiful craft world  by simply stringing beads, making simple necklaces and bracelets. The next step in the development of my skills was wire jewelry and chainmaille. These are still techniques you can easy master on your dining table without need of a separate studio or sophisticated tools. I don’t have any studio and metal smiting stayed as a far away dream till I will have a safe place to do it, but still I decided to take this free basic course offered by I loved this class and I can do it in my kitchen, I don’t need so many new tools or equipment.

Kate Richbourg shows a lot of enthusiasm and confidence, and it is easy to follow along. She is great speaker, has a clear voice and explains things easy and very well. Don’t worry if English is not your native language, you will be ably follow and understand without any problems. If you don’t feel very confident, print our before the lessons her Tips & Technique handouts. The quality of these materials is very high and they can help you easier to follow the lessons.

Many people, including me, are afraid that to get started with metal works will demand high investments in special expensive tools, but we are so wrong. If you are already busy with wire jewelry, you have about 80% of all needed tools already. Kate demonstrates how you can use some household or other articles, as a old baking pan or a firebrick, to make a nice metal jewelry. Important, Kate pays a lot of attention to the safety, and repeats it in every lessons.

Now, I am going to buy a torch and back for more lessons and I hope I will be soon able to show you  my first creations.

Have look at for different courses. They have a nice selection of free courses for you to  make easier choice. You don’t need to spend money before you find out that it is not your thing.


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