Baskets of the Wounaan and Emberá Indians (Panama)

Panamá is a country of great natural beauty and fascinating indigenous cultures. The indigenous artisans of Panamá make and sell beautiful baskets, tagua nut carvings, molas and other tribal crafts. 

These hösigdi baskets, made entirely from materials found in the rainforest, the fibers of the nahuala plant and chunga palm , are works of art with a long cultural history. Baskets are usually made by women and come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the specific use for which each is intended. Each beautiful basket is a unique example of tribal folk art.

Margo Callaghan's  website  gives you broad information about the elegant baskets made by the Wounaan and Emberá  Indians of Panama and Colombia.  
 Here you can find not only information about these amazing baskets, but also about the Wounaan and Emberá  Indians lifestyle and Margos's travel notes.


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