Friday, August 15, 2014

Cork chair

Do you love a gloss of wine? Collect the corks and make a chair. Great idea and design.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Long lasting flowers- iron flowers

Collection of beautiful iron flowers from different Etsy shops


I love to work with metal, it is amazing material. There exist so many possibilities- chainmaille, wire wrap and crochet and of course metal smiting. The first techniques I managed myself, but I did not feel confident about metal smiting, but after taking great classes of  Kate Richbourg it appears not to be so difficult. Just start with this FREE Craftsy mini-class to discover the basics.
Free Online Jewelry Making Class
Kate is great teacher and she will explain you the basics of working with torches. Butane micro torches are a compact and efficient heat source for soldering, firing precious metal clay, finishing enamelwork and other projects. They're inexpensive, safe and easy to use. In this five-lesson class, best-selling author and teacher Kate Richbourg shows you how to fill, light and adjust your torch and use it to shape, secure and finish metal jewelry. You'll learn how to size rings perfectly and how to choose the right materials. Then Kate shows you her signature stack ring set and a perfect band ring made from half-round silver wire.

Online Jewelry Making Class

Monday, August 11, 2014

Come with me to my country

Source Etsy shops, link below

If you ask Latvians about traditional crafts you would receive answers that pottery, ceramics, textiles, wood processing, weaving are the most popular crafts in Latvia with centuries long history.  In Latvia craft is not just manufacturing goods – identical to singing or dancing, craftsmanship is one of oldest national heritages and both of them are described as elements of Latvian culture.