1$ hat into fashion item

Whether you are a product photographer or a fine art photographer, props can often make a big difference in the photographs. Great if your model already has some props, dresses and jewelry, but not always they fit into your vision. And the vision of fine art photographer sometimes can be expensive, but if you are handy you can save some cash and have really unique props. This hat for high key shoot I made from the hat I bought for 1 USD. Of course, I also needed some artificial flowers, beads, wire and veil. The flower bouquet was most expensive (10$), but i already made flower crown, decorated hat and I still have about 10 flowers over for other projects. Beads and wire, I found in my jewelry making scrap box. And a veil I replace with a peace of net curtain. Of course, you will also need a hot glue pistol and some pliers will make your life easier. Don't forget about time- in 1 hour it was ready. More images you can find on GunaDesign

hat made from cheap materials

and it's me as model with my creation

me with hat I created from very cheap materials


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