Don’t waste wine corks: Candle Holder

I love to have a glass of wine with my dinner or during evening hanging  on my coach.  I should agree with Gorge Taber there are a few sounds in the world that brings joy  to the listener and one of them is the popping sound of wine cork, but it might disappear.  For centuries, cork has been used to seal a bottle of wine. Now days, there are used the other forms of closure as screw caps, plastic seals. It is a pity!

But how much do we know about cork, may be think about it before you throw it out. Wine corks are made from cork oaks. The biggest cork oak forests are located in Portugal and Spain. Trees live about 150 to 250 years. The first harvest is done generally from 25 year old trees. Another 9 to 12 years is requires to have the second harvest. The first two harvests produce poor quality cork and it cannot be used for wine corks. Oak tree can be harvested about twelve times in his lifetime. It is done entirely manually by using a small axe. The process requires very skilled labor to harvest bark without damaging the tree.

This material is great for different recycling projects: for this candle holder you need only wine corks, large glass vase or bowl and small glass. Insert a candle inside a small glass and put it inside the large vase. Fill the vase with wine corks.


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