Ukrainian flower wreath

The flower wreath remains a part of the Ukrainian national attire, and is worn on festive occasions and on holy days. It was traditionally worn by girls who were eligible for marriage. Wedding headdresses expressively depict Ukraine’s different historic and ethnographic regions. The weaving of flower garlands in these areas was an important pre-wedding ritual. There were many rules or traditions involved with this rite because every detail of the garland, or more often of a more complex wedding headdress, had its symbolic meaning. Flowers that symbolize life and prosperity were used for the garlands. Paper, feathers, cloth, beads, ribbons, etc. were the main materials that could be added. Fresh flowers were never incorporated because their short life might reflect on the duration of the marriage.

I would like you to meet Alena Pavlishina from Ukraine. She is a florist and makes flowers from different textiles. Her creations have a modern twist for this ancient tradition and they will make your wedding day the most special day. Visit facebook and you will find more astonishing designs.




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