Silver and Red Celtic Wire Wrap Christmas Ornament Set by StoryCountyConcepts (the USA)

I love to make things and I am glad to share my experience, but the writing of tutorials is not my favorite activity.  Everything looks so clear in my mind then I am working on my designs, but it is one big mess as soon as I try to put it on paper. But still I try to do it and to share my knowledge, and I am grateful if my customers/ students correct me and help me to improve my job. 

Sometimes as a teacher you should accept that students are better as you. Julie Steenhoek created amazing Christmas ornaments from my Celtic cross knot tutorial. I never thought about such approach, the result is amazing. Visit her shop StoryCountyConcepts, she is not only a talented jewelry artist but also a photograph. Her creations combines delicate female touch with some masculine influence. These are jewelries for a modern woman who is not afraid to manage her own life. Thanks to Julie's shop, I also decided to offer my photos on Etsy. 

 StoryCountyConcepts Jewelry 


Source:  StoryCountyConcepts on Etsy, author Julie Steenhoek

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