Finnish dream earrings

During my last vacation in Lapland with Anne and Lasse, I noticed nice birch wood logs for our open fire and I could not leave the bark from these logs for burning. So, it (bark not logs) went into my luggage. After almost a year the bark was nicely dry and hard, so to get them into the form I would like to have I needed to make the pieces again wet and let to dry, but I was not in the mood to wait for some weeks. Mario came with a great solution- why not to use a micro-oven as it usual in the timber industry. So, you don't need to tell my twice. I found a pencil (so no metal), wrapped wet pieces of bark around, fixed with a thread and put in the micro-oven. But, I forgot about graphite in the pencil, and it is an excellent conductor, so in a second there was a fire in the oven. I was fast- we still have micro-oven, kitchen and house. For the next drying process I used a wooden kitchen spoon and these are earrings.


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