Gunadesign Studio- it really exists

… again, WEEKEND=RAIN, but it means I have time for my studio. For some time, I run around with different ideas how to improve my studio. I have my home office, because once a week I am working from home and I should have a working space corresponding the company’s requirements, but it was not my studio. With my Guna Design projects I mainly hoboed around the house- jewelry making at the dining table, so if I have some large and complicated project, we should eat at the coffee table, knitting and crocheting in the front of the TV, I do it partly blind, I don’t need to often look on my needles. All my supplies are all around the house. It is time for some changes and to have some order in this creative chaos. 
Today in one of the thrift shops I found a nice storage rack, only I still need some nice baskets. There I will keep everything needed for my jewelry projects. And I should share my working space with Lido, the green basket, if I am working upstairs, he is with me. 

gunadesign studio guna andersone

I like old wooden cases, but I don’t like prices they ask in the antique markets or shops. But few weeks ago I was lucky and I got this one for 5€. After cleaning, scrubbing, it will be used as small storing for yarns used in the actual projects. 

gunadesign studio yarn supplies

The small things will be stored on this shelf. The boxes with hearts are for earrings witch are ready to leave my studio via my Etsy shop

gunadesign studio storage


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