Beach style wedding card box

Brides-to-be who are new to wedding planning may not be aware of what wedding card boxes are or the tradition that they carry. Then again, you may have been to various weddings and never seen wedding card boxes at the wedding reception. For those of you who do not know what wedding card boxes are, we are here to enlighten you. Some card boxes are used simply to add to the décor and the theme of the wedding, while others serve a bigger purpose.
You can count on your guests bringing cards of congratulations and some of these cards will contain money, in the form of either cash or a check. Rather than guests handing them to the bride and groom randomly throughout the wedding reception, they can simply toss them into your wedding card box. This may be a new idea for some of the wedding guests, so you do not necessarily have to tell them to put the cards in your card box when they try to hand them to you. The card box will, however, provide you with one stationary place to keep all of the cards that you receive, rather than carrying them around.

Beach style wedding card box  gunadesign guna andersone
This beach style wedding box I have made from the wine box I found in the local thrift shop. It took a lot of sanding, cleaning and repairing.  Inside of the box is covered with burlap. Outside is covered with paint, lace, shells and fabric flowers. 


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