Crafts in Latvia

If you ask Latvians about traditional crafts you would receive answers that pottery, ceramics, textiles, wood processing, weaving are the most popular crafts in Latvia with centuries long history.
Before weddings each girl had to prepare dowry and only from the dory potential bridegroom could understood whether the proposed will be diligent, hardworking and handy in handicrafts.  Traditionally average brides’ dowry consists of tablecloths, shirts, ribbons, sheets, blankets, woollen shawls, skirts, gloves and other items needed in households’ everyday life.

Nowadays crafts are not as popular as in time when there were no shops and people made everything by themselves or asked professional craftsmen to produce one or another item. But there are still people in Latvia who are maintaining old skills and working in old way. They know how to make really longstanding product.

I am proud I am LATVIAN



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