Silver & Turquoise Cuff and Ring Set (Istanbul, Turkey)

This amazing bracelet is design by Sibel62. 
Hereby her story 
"My husbands' nephews like very much friendship bracelets. Few months ago I saw a loom bead weaving set in a shop. I decided to buy it without hesitation. I started weaving using this set. In order to understand the techniques and the materials to make knit beaded bracelets I was surfing on the Internet. Then I happily saw online classes of Claudia Chase and I registered. I will keep following her instructions and projects as much as I can do. I am a web site developer and programmer. I take these classes as an opportunity to have a little distance from my programming work and I love it. Thanks a lot to Claudia Chase. " 

Online Jewelry Making Class by Cladia Chase and at the moment there are a special offer and it cost only 15.59€. Don't miss a chance.


  1. Çok güzel. Çok beğendim. Çalışmalarınızda kolaylıklar. Betül AŞKAR

    1. Hello
      I used Google translation and I hope it is correct:)

      It's beautiful. Liked it very much. Ease your work. Betul AŞKAR


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