How to make your bag unique

This bag I bought a few years ago om the small Spanish village market. I felt n love with poppy red color. Despite that this bright and joyful color is the color of the season, I wanted something new. But why to buy a new bag, if this one is now very fashionable.  Lets pimp it. I beaded from red and white seed beads the Latvian national ornament Auseklis. I am sure, here, in the Netherlands, there is only one bag with such Latvian accent. 

 Auseklis or the Morning Star (Venus) is one of the most ancient Latvian gods. His rays protect sleeping souls from the forces of evil. He is sometimes associated with both the  Moon and the  Sun, which is rather incestuous since Auseklis is also the bridegroom of the daughter of the Sun .The eight-pointed symbol of the star is used in magical rites, and you must draw this symbol without lifting your hand (in one go) if your spell is to have the desired results!

bag with beaded Latvian sign Auseklis

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