Bracelet in European 6 into 1 Chainmail technique

Chainmail is an amazing jewelry technique. Most of chainmail patterns are old and have been used not only for armor, but also for jewelry making. The main four main families of weaves, are  the European, the Persian the Japanese and the Spiral family. You can create stunning and complex jewelry simply by joining jump rings together without annoying process of soldering. It require very little tools and space. All you need are the jump rings and a pair of qualitative flat noise pliers. Don’t save money on tools if you are serious about chain mail. I use them to open and close jump rings, bending wire, to hold or pick things up and to flatten crimps. They have a tapered, flat surface.

 Suppliers offer  machine cut and saw cut rings. Machine cut rings are less expensive than saw cut rings. Saw cut rings are cut with a rotary saw blade and the cutting is finer They are therefore more suitable for fine jewelry. I prefer to use saw cut rings. Of course, you can make your own rings, but I think it too time consuming process against possible financial savings. Chainmail patterns are all logical,  but you should use the correct size rings. If the weave gets very loose or very rigid, there is probably something wrong with either how you have done the weave or with the size of the rings.

The side rings of this bracelet are connected together by using smaller rings, it gives additional body to the bracelet. It is made from the silver and gold plated rings. The use of two colors gives this design a playful effect.

European 6 into 1 Chainmail technique gunadesign


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