Bracelet Iron Feather

I still have some spoons and forks from my last visit to the flea markets. This time I made a bracelet from   a handle and a chain in full Persian weave. To give some female touch, there are added a few Gutterman frosted beads. This article you can buy in my Dawanda shop
Full Persian nickel free chain weave with antique  spoon handle and Gutterman beads



  1. Loti patik rokasspradze. Tada bohemiski romantiska.

    xoxo Ra

    1. Sveiki Ramona,
      paldies. Es pat neiedomājos par bohēmisku noskaņu. Pirmais iespaids bija- rokasspādze vīrietiem. Lai radītu sievišķības elementu pievienoju pērles.


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