Earrings Silver Bird of Night

Silver Bird of Night

The bird flies like a streak of silver in the dark night,
On large feathered wings.
Its long tail swishes in the wind as it soars
Lower towards the deep, blue sea.
It glides on the ocean,
Then dives into the water and swims deeper.
It bursts out of the sea to the moonlight,
Flying like a bullet on the stars,
Its wings glittering - a pair of twin stars -
As the moon's bright glow lights the sky's darkness,
And sea life flees from wings of silver
With glowing sapphire eyes, both sparkling.
The silver bird soars with grace to the moon
With sparkling stars.

For some time I was planning to make some jewelry from antique spoons or forks. The last Saturday we had a flea market not far away from our house. So, it should be a perfect place to find some "antiques" for my recycling projects. There were a lot of spoons and forks, but only one stall cough my attention with some tea spoons from sixties. And this is a result. Thank you very much to my hubby who helped me with cutting and drilling, it save me from some frustrations.
Earrings Silver Bird of Night from tea spoon and beads


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