Chanel Spring 2014 collection and craft

Despite the spring seems so far away, the fashion world is already busy with new trends. Have a small preview in Chanel Spring 2014 collection. It is amazing combination of art and fashion, but I paid more attention how we, crafters, can transform this high fashion into everyday street fashion by using our skills. Crochet, knitting, jewelry - all these crafts are represented in  Karl Lagerfeld designs. The high fashion definitely also  support in 2014 our hobbies. The long and dark winter evenings will not be so long at all, we have a lot of to do for the spring 2014.

Knitted fingerless gloves are still very hot. They have not only practical function, but also have a role of jewelry. It is combination of glove and bracelet: everything can be used to create them- beads, leather or soutache cords. 

  In the cold spring evenings nothing is nicer as knitted dress. To knit a dress take a lot of time, but fashion trends 2014 makes it us easier by promoting coarse gauge knitting.  These yarns can be used not only for thick winter sweaters, but also for light lace dresses. 

Bracelets are big and impressive. If you are master of resin jewelry making, it will be your year- they can not be enough large, colorful and have different shapes, decorated with super large beads.

Crochet and tatting laces still are hot. If you are not in a mood to crochet a dress or skirts, it will be enough with some accents to make your outfit fashionable. It gives great opportunities for recycling lovers. Some dress from the previous season plus a new crochet accents, and you are back in the business. 

Not everything should be over-sized in 2014. The smallest accents can create a new look. This time no strips or polka dots, but small ribbons takes us back to the fabulous fifties- the time of nice dresses with perfect small accents and details.    

Do you know how to pain or color fabric, look for your tools. 2014 will be year of color and geometric ornaments influenced by art and architecture. 

 Everything is about beads- no limits to their use or size. Allow your fantasy to take you away and make most extraordinary design. 


  1. Everything is so beautiful! I love how Chanel never varies from its signature style.


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