Leslie's Lord of Leather bracelet

Crafting is my hobby and I am glad to share my experience with my co-colleagues. It feels great that people love my creations and maybe one day in the future gunadesign will be more as only hobby. Today I received nice e mail from Leslie Hurd . She made my Lord of Leather bracelet by using my tutorial: "My name is Leslie, and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I'm a preschool teacher and avid knitter. This was my first foray into leather jewelry-making. I had bought the materials years ago, thinking I would get into it then. However, knitting took over as my primary craft pursuit and I stashed the leather and beads away. This pattern was perfect for me to jump into: beautiful, challenging, and well-written. I had fun working on it!" Thank you Leslie for you encouraging words and I hope to see in the future more of your designs.

Leslie Hurd gunadesing Lord of Leather bracelet version


  1. I love the contrast of the elegant pearls with the tough leather!

  2. thank you, it great to see people use my tutorial and make great jewelry. Leslie made my day:)


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