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Following a few simple senior fashion tips will help you to always look stylish and current. You don’t want to dress like today’s teen, but there’s no need for you to forget all about fashion.You can adapt modern fashions to your style and look good every day.

Most of the fashion magazines currently are focused  to young people, as if seniors aren’t interested in style, but growing older doesn’t make you lose your fashion sense. 

Don't include in your closet: See-through tops, sky-high stilettos and micro-mini skirts. There are many people half your age who can’t even wear the latest fads because they’re so outrageous. It’s better to ascertain what your particular style is, whether it’s classic, modern or eclectic, and dress according to what you like, even if it’s not the trendy thing to do.

Black Paned Checked Straight Dress with Long Sleeve
Wear easy-care/easy-wear garments: Choose your clothing based on ease, if possible. 

Use cardigans: If you often feel chilly, even when others don’t, it’s wise to carry a cardigan or sweater with you at all times. There will be occasions when you just want to throw it about your shoulders; other times, your cardigan can coordinate with your outfit. Sweaters are for every age group.

 Wear comfortable shoes: You don’t have to give up your heels if you’ve always loved them, but you might have to give up some inches if very high heels have been your favorites. Heels that are two inches or less can still add some height and elegance to your look without being a hazard.

Some people think that once they hit a particular age, they have to wear certain things, while giving up other clothes and accessories they’ve always loved. You’ll feel your best if you wear clothing that is comfortable and that represents your personality. 
If bold, dramatic colors have always been your signature, then they should continue to be so. If classic is more your style, there’s no need to change it. You should always feel free to wear what makes you look as good as you feel about yourself. Don’t hesitate to visit a department store or personal shopper for more senior fashion tips. Experts in these industries have a discerning eye, and will be happy to consult with you on the best fit, colors, and making the most of your clothing budget with a few select pieces.

Accessorize wisely: This senior fashion tip helps you extend your wardrobe. Clothing for mature women and men doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you add in some personality with your accessories. A gentleman will always look classic and distinguished with simple jewelry such as a watch and wedding band, while a lady can opt for pearls or chunkier, natural stone styles. Gold and        silver are always in and easy to wear.
  Vogue Loose Apricot Geometry
 Pattern Baggy Sweater Cardigans                                                  



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