Cross stitch jewelry (Ukraine)

Since olden times embroidered decorative towels in Ukraine have an important  part in traditional folk holidays. The most important events in people's lives never took place without towels. The embroidered towel was always symbol of hospitality, bread and salt were offered to respected guests on it, also new-born babies were put on a towel and they also accompanied people on their last journey. When a new house was built they lifted the beam on towels and then gave the towels to the builder as a present. A wedding couldn't take place without towels. The towel, that bride and bridegroom stood on, was a symbol of faithfulness. They tied the bride's and bridegroom's hands with the towel and wished them a happy family life. 

Picture from our visit to Lena and Leona, Kiev

Ukrainian designer Skrynka, Natalia from Kryvy Rih,  managed to incorporate this ancient vintage craft into the elegant and modern designs for the women of today. 

Visit her Dawanda shop and find many awesome designs

Picture from Dawanda Skrynka shop


  1. ooo very pretty idea to combine knitting and jewelry i like it :)


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