Wire Crochet Earrings Iron Flower

Is there truth to be found in an iron flower?

I like to try to combine different materials and techniques. This time very simple crocheted flower, but instead yarn I used wire.
Wire crochet earrings with beads made by Gunadesign


  1. Wow! Beautiful Earring design I really like these types of fashion earrings. This is simple and unique design. Can I place an order to earring online.

  2. Hello Jasmin,
    of course, I am happy you like this design. Please give me some more details about this site and conditions. I looked on it and there are very nice designs. I am not using precious materials or gemstones to keep these designs at affordable price. They are 100% handmade, and time is the main price component and not material costs.

  3. Thanks Guna Andersone!! You can found more details at here earring online.


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