Gunadesign DIY Irish Crochet Earrings tutorial

It still cold outside, but  the days already are getting longer and I feel some signs of the approaching spring. It is time to think about new accessories for the coming summer season. Crochet is still hot in this season, why not to make your own accessories by using this great technique. In my tutorial I try to show how to make a simple lace earrings. You can make it from linen or cotton yarn, thin leather cord or  from wire.  They can be elegant and luxury, or ethnic and playful. You don't need expensive and sophisticated tools, also materials you can find in your scrap boxes. Lets start to create for a new summer season.

This tutorial you can buy from my craftsy pattern shop

Tutorial Irish crochet earrings with beads made by Gunadesign

Tutorial Irish wire crochet earrings with beads made by Gunadesign


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