Wire Jewelry Hairpin: Evelīna’s dream

Far far away there is a beautiful country with deep green forests, blue lakes, yellow send beaches and green blue Baltic sea. It is my beloved Latvia. In the small city, in the simple house lives a small girl Evelīna. She is not really different from the other girls of her age: loves to play with her toys, to go to school  and run around with her friends. Winters there are long and dark and you have a lot of time to dream. People are dreaming about their future and making their plans: a better job, nicer house, more money or a new car, but these are not Evelīna’s dreams. She dreams that one night the sugar fairy will take to her to Rundales castle to a ball  and she will dance the whole night, and she will be the most beautiful girl… The next morning on her nightstand she found a hairpin, may be the dream will come true…

Girls hairpin from coiled wire and beads made by Gunadesign


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