Master of Rainbow-Kathrine Koprowski from Wilmore, Kentucky

The last weekend was grey, cold and rainy. Outside was fifty shades of gray and I got more and more depressed. No mood to read something , no mood to create something, so I tried to find some inspiration on Internet mindlessly surfing around. Till I came across of designs created by Kathrine Koprowski from Wilmore, Kentucky. I could not stop to look on these images of scarves, bags and hats. It is a symphony of colors and joy. Thank  you Kate for bringing us a sunshine and a joy.  

.. and this is a short overview of her company

HandiCraftKate is a collection of handmade and Eco-friendly nuno felted scarves, wet felted bags, and other wonderful felted creations made by an indie fiber artist. For me "handmade" means craftsmanship, uniqueness, and personality. Handmade items are special items. Most of all, handmade means sharing. The sharing of joy and creativity.


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