Celtic Wire Knot Earrings

A wire is very fascinating material to work. It can be purchased in different sizes. The size is called the gauge of wire, but some European suppliers measure it in mm. The larger the gauge number the smaller will be the diameter of. For instance, to make a wire crochet earrings I used 16 gauge wire, but the earrings in the picture are made from 22  gauge wire. In general wire is a round metal string, but you can find also wire that is half round or squire. The hardness of wire depends from what kind of metal it is made. Gold, silver, copper and aluminum are soft metals and wires from these materials are easy to bend. Stainless steel and  brass wires are harder and jewelry made from these materials will  be more durable. The best way to find out the best wire for a particular project is practice, and, I advise, keep scraps and failed projects. These pieces are great for practice! I love to use craft wire, it comes in wide variety of colors and it cheaper as precious metal wires. I like to keep material costs low to have affordable jewelry for everyone. 

Handmade Celtic Wire Knot Earrings by Gunadesign
Would you like to make them, look in my Celtic knot tutorial!


  1. I have noticed you love Celtic patterns...

  2. Hello Aggie,
    yes, I love Celtic and Scandinavian designs, especially ancient Viking art. It is call of my Nordic origin. I am not really in bling bling business. I admire professional skills of many beaders, but I would not like to wear it myself. But bling bling sells, so sometimes I make something shining, but still I like to add some wire or leather to it.

  3. wow die zijn prachtig
    groetjes sannie

    1. Hoi Sannie,
      dankje wel, Keltishe design is klein beetje verslavend


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