Gunadesign Navy style- Sailor's Bracelet

Sailor outfit 1
Summer is coming, and I start to feel again  a "stripes" fever. I am addicted to the navy style and stripes.  Blouses, dresses and skirts with bold or tinny stripes always look trendy & stylish. It is my favorite, if I could, I would wear it all the time. It is so simple, yet elegant....
And the best part is, you can make it yourself even if you are not a professional tailor. A simple white T-shirt decorated with dark blue ribbons, dark blue dress pimped with big golden buttons.  But of course you need also right accessories to have this picture complete, and there is my bracelet 

Sailor's bracelet from ropes and beads by Gunadesign


  1. mooi hoor

    groetjes sannie
    ps: fijn pasen

    1. dankje en jouw ook, en klein beetje meer warmte


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