Craftsy On line lessons New Directions in Lace

Learn to love lace with designer Romi Hill as you knit her absolutely stunning “Fiori Autunnali” V-shaped shawl.

What You'll Learn

* Fundamental lace-knitting skills: How to read lace charts, cast on, use stitch markers and add lifelines
* The importance of swatching and blocking when knitting lace, and how to do them both correctly
* Tips for easily placing beads, and what to do when you forget one or want to remove one after the fact
* The clever bellybutton cast-on
* How to transition from working in the round to working flat as your shawl grows its “wings”
* How to bind off and create delicate decorative edges using crochet chains made on your knitting needles.

High quality natural yarn (linen) you can find in the Etsy shop Yarn stories from Lithuania. Lithuania always was famous with its linen production. These fine high quality yarns are perfect for lace knitting. 


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