Playing with Curves- Craftsy Quilting Class

Round out your quilting repertoire! Let Ann Petersen take the fear out of sewing curved seams and open up a new world of piecing.

What You'll Learn

How to cut arcs using a variety of templates, tools and methods
How to pin and sew a simple, gentle curve — the essential technique used in all of Ann’s designs and class projects
How to make custom, reusable templates out of plastic sheets and freezer paper
Sure-fire tips for cutting multiple pieces and pressing seams
The step-by-step process of constructing intricate blocks using curves, paper piecing and templates
How to paper piece blocks with curvy motifs using reusable freezer-paper templates 
How to cut and sew free-form designs to create blocks limited only by your imagination
Ann’s unique philosophy for quilting in and around all of these innovative blocks

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