Lariat necklace Color of Earth

Some time ago I told about my bad luck Saturday:
1) a fine for driving 6 km to hard and it costed to me 42 Euros
2) I was making crochet necklace from leather cord and during fixing the bead to the necklace I cut the cord. So, I had two short pieces of necklace and a lot of frustration.
It was enough for me, the rest of  Saturday I have spend reading books and have a glass wine.

But still I wanted to finish my necklace, but to have some another design. On Esty I found istanbuloya shop, it has great lariat necklaces and they inspired me. Materials- mixed media - leather waxed cotton cord, beads, seed beads

gunadesign  Lariat necklace Color of Earth

 Lariat necklace Color of Earth elements


  1. Beautiful Lariat ! The embellished crochet flowers look lovely .

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! This is a very unique design. I am sorry to hear of your speeding ticket. My Saturday evenings always involve is a must after crazy weeks!

    1. thank you for your support. If I drove 6km too hard in the city, OK it is not responsible, but it was outside the city there speed limit is 70. So, I don't think I put somebody in danger there, but OK it is my investment in the governments budget to fight against crisis.


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