Byzantine Chainmaille Pendant French Connection

During my last vacation in Auvergne, France, we got lost in the countryside, more exact in the mountains. Our men decided to use instead of a modern navigation system to find a small village Prades with beautiful basalt columns a old fashion map. As result, we were deep in mountains taking small and steep roads away from the civilization, but luckily with a jeep and air conditioner. Amazing landscape, but no idea where we are or where we go. At one moment, we came across a tourist information board about the extinct volcano "Puy Narse" with tephra layers. It was impressive to see and ground around it was covered with lava and very interesting basaltic stones. I took a few with me. And this is a result: byzantine chain, wire wrapped polished basaltic stone and sweet water pearl. How we got back to the civilization- the men took out the navigation from the dashboard glove box …

Byzantine Chainmaille Pendant with Sweet Water Pearl made by Gunadesign


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    1. Hello,
      in case you have some nice stones or other things from vacation, let me know, may be we can make some nice piece of jewelry. Nice souvenir from vacation or present.


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