Spring 2013 season colors

The Spring 2013 season color palette mixes dynamic bright colors with neutrals to create a harmony. We search for balance between light and bright, classic and trendy.

Tender Shoots is a vibrant yellow-green, it is active and cheerful. This bright green shade will be the perfect accent color for subtle grays, purples, and blues.This springy green shade we can find between peridot,grossular, tsavorite, and demantoid garnets.

Grayed Jade, warm hushed green with gray undertone, is a stunning, soft, and romantic color, a perfect way to communicate romance, sophistication, and style simultaneously. This color you can easy find between jade gemstones. Shades of chalcedony and larimar could also fit, along with faceted apatite and fluorite.

 Lively, radiant Emerald Green is the color of 2013. It is light and bright, with a faint bluish cast. It's a color of growth, renewal; healing and it enhance our sense of well- being.  Pair it with tan, black, blue or even yellow. This shade you can find not only in emeralds, but also in apatite, tourmaline and chrome diopside. 

Exotic African Violet is a statement color and can be incorporated into many unexpected combinations. It is a fresh and vibrant color that would radiate richness and luxury. It is a great complementary to purple and yellow color scheme. It can be mixed with the soft hue of blue or a hot bright pink. Kunzite, fluorite, and amethyst have just the lovely shades of purple to match this color.

Poppy Red is a seductive, sensual and celebrity shade. Layer your poppy red with statement black pieces. Remember: The poppy red should always be the statement of your look. Rubies are a little more blue-red than this red, rubies certain fall in this color shade, as do spinel. Dark fire opals, pyrope and other garnets can be this color.

Nectarine is perfect color to uplift and make people feel good and smile. Everyone is sick of hearing about the bad conditions globally, the economy. This citrus orange with coral undertones, provides a tangy burst of flavor. It gives of the look of warmth and fresh fun. Fire opals, spessartite, mandarin, citrine and hessonite garnets match up with this juicy color.

Cheerful Lemon Zest is refreshing and bursting with sunshine. Its bright sunshine tone is optimistic and playful. This shades of yellow paired with a pinch of gray is a palette of elegancy and style. These colors are just made to go hand in hand. Lemon quartz is a good match for this color, along with yellow sapphire, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, yellow beryl, and topaz.

Dusk Blue offers a calming sense of serenity akin to its green counterpart, Grayed Jade. Both of these colors act as the season's newest neutrals. It is a perfect background color. For an unexpected mix, pair Dusk Blue with the intensity of Nectarine. Lovely sapphire and spinel as well as topaz and aquamarine could serve as this color.

A warm neutral, Linen is light and airy, providing the essence of natural luxury that is a must have for spring. It is a neutral that bends well with many other colors. It has a timeless beauty and exhibits a subtle range of shades that make it both rich and inviting. Rose quartz and morganite is good match.

Monaco Blue:  Royal + Navy + Cobalt = a delicious inky blue that is classic and modern at the same time.  It is a classic shade that offers both stability and depth to the entire palette. Combine Monaco Blue with Poppy Red and Linen, or Monaco Blue and Emerald for a fresh collegiate look. This blue could be found between sapphire and spinel, as well as lapis lazuli, iolite, and sodalite.


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