Summer in Winter (Quebec, Canada)

So, winter is here and it's getting darker with each day. As the days get shorter and darker, we notice that not only our wardrobes are getting darker, but also our mood. We have to admit that the sea of black coats in the streets is taking its toll. I don't know about others, but I want also to have some nice bright colors in winter and not to wait for at least five months till the first signs of summer. Jewelry of Caroline Rivière Rimouski is exactly what we need to brighten us up and to help us against a winter depression. It is an ocean of colors and genius designs. My favorite are these rainforest butterfly earrings, they look so real, but the butterfly wings are not real ! They are made entirely by hand, with liquid Fimo and pigments. To embellish the whole, they were encircled by silvered brass wire and adorned with silvery foliage and Swarovski crystals.


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